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Loadshedding Back-up Solutions

When you are on the grid and the power is running it will charge the UPS inverter system. When you have a black-out, power surge or load-shedding, the UPS inverter system kicks in and supplies your living space with the necessary power it needs for appliances and more.


Grid Interactive

This is shared energy consumption. The solar panels will generate as much energy as it can from the sun and use this energy to power your house. If you consume more than the energy generated you will then start using the energy supplied by Eskom.

For example. If you consume 30kWh a day and your solar system generates 30kWh then your Eskom consumption would have been 0.  However, if you use 40kWh, you would use the 30kWh generated by the solar panels and then only pay Eskom for the 10kWh you  have consumed in addition.

Off grid Now Available

Off Grid

When you don't want to depend on Eskom at all.  This option includes all the necessary equipment to generate energy using solar panels and battery banks to store power.

You would only run into electricity failures when you experience rain for a week without any sunshine to fuel the battery banks.

New Collection Now Available (2)

Solar Geysers

Solar geysers are sustainable, environmentally friendly and will save you money in the long run.

It uses energy stored from the sun to meet all of you hot water needs.